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Significance of CACIG’s logo

The Circle represents a generation of educated Muslims who are dedicated to the advancement and well-being of the community. The Green Crescent symbolizes Islam. The Yellow Globe represents Muslims around the world. The Shaking Hands represents brotherhood. The Book represents knowledge and the Graduation Hat represents Graduates.

Charitable Association Of Cambodian Islamic Graduates (CACIG) is a non-government organization that is actively involves in missionary work, education and economic activities. CACIG was registered on 26 December 2011 under the Societies Act 1994, under the Ministry of Interior of Cambodia with registration number 1892. It was also registered on 07 August 2012, under the Ministry of Cult and Religion of Cambodia with the registration number 191.


"To create a religious society that is prosperous and progressive"

Cambodia is a multi-religious society. CACIG acknowledges this and will work with all communities for the benefit of the Ummah. It is the responsibility of CACIG to peacefully promote the understanding of Islam to all.

Prosperous means a situation in which the community enjoys a living standard far above the poverty level. Every member in this community is able and have the opportunity to participate in economic activities that provides a high level of income.

A progressive society is one where the community has a high level of education. The use of science and technology is also widespread at all levels of the community.


1. To conduct both formal and informal educational activities in order to raise the standard of education and level of thinking of the community.  This includes religious and secular subjects.

2. To promote the understanding of Islam to both Muslims and non-Muslims. CACIG will carry out this activity peacefully in the context of a multi-religious society.

3. To develop the economic well-being of community through commerce and industry. By doing so, CACIG would be able to provide employment opportunities for all while at the same time provide income to finance its activities.

4. Our welfare activities are efforts meant to help the less fortunate in society in all aspects of their life. It is meant to eradicate poverty and illiteracy by, wherever possible, to improve their abilities to stand on their own two feet. 


CACIG has identified 8 core values that it regards as essential at this stage if social development of the Muslim community in Cambodia. This does not mean that other Islamic values are not important. CACIG is of the view that  prioritising these values will help the community to focus on its development. In practise most values are intertwined with one another and difficult to separate.












Open to all Muslim graduates from Universities recognized by CACIG.


Open to all members of the community in Cambodia regardless of race or religion.

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