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Home Aid Program

Posted: Aug 08, 2016


On 06 August 2016,

Charitable Association Of Cambodian Islamic Graduates (CACIG) has launched the official opening ceremony program of home aid project at Steung Slout village, Neak Leung commune, Peamro disitrict, Prey Veng province. We have built 53 homes that is donations from donor Singapore through our partner RELIGIOUS & EDUCATIONAL LEAGUE OF RADIN MAS (BAPA SINGAPORE) and from donor Saudi Arabia (Dr.Abdul Moein Eid Al-Agha). We have provided this home donation to 53 families that living on boat before do not have land and residence. After seeing their distress, we feel called to help them as soon as possible in order to reduce the hardship of their life. We will proceed with development projects to improve the well being of this new village.

We would like to thank you so much to all donors and our partner, May Allah Swt bless you and your family and He will reward your good deeds with Jannah Firdaus. Amin Yarabbal A'lamin.