Education through schools is a special pillar in the effort to create a religious society, prosperous, and progressive. Education in Islam is a duty not to be missed by both men and women, according to the words of Prophet Muhammad said: “Seeking knowledge is a duty upon every Muslim”

CACIG’s education objectives:
1. Establish those who have Iman, Taqwa, good behavior and knowledge to succeed in the world and in the Akhirah.
2. Create Dai’e who performs their duties with a gentle, and dedicated way.
3. Create new skills classes to develop human resources and reduce poverty.

In 2013, we set up a school with the Islamic Knowledge and Tahfiz Al-Quran School located in Chey Sok San Village, Trapeang Pring Commune, Tambe District, Tbong Khmum Province.

In 2015, we partnered with the Darul Uloom Al-Hashimiyiyah School to establish Islamic Knowledge Classes, Tahfiz Al-Quran Classes, and build schools and mosques located in Village 2, Kompong Tras Commune, Krouch Chhmar District, Tbong Khmum Province.

In 2016, we have built a school called Raudatul Ulum Addiniyah, the Islamic Knowledge for Children and Youth Center located in Prek Tanong village, Koh Sodin district, Kampong Cham province.

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