Al-Quran Memorial Curriculum has been established since 2014 at Darul Uloom Al-Hashimiyah School in Village 2, Kompong Treas Commune, Krouch Chhmar District, Tbong Khmum Province, many of whom are orphans and poor children who cannot afford school and Eating. After they finish this class, there will be further general educational classes, and some students are sent to Malaysia to get higher education and complete their education and serve as a teacher or become a missionary work. We endeavor to provide scholarships and support them through a variety of donors, warming them all the time, to encourage the next generation of Muslims to have Iman, well-versed in the religion of Allah.

To be that, we have organized classes, accommodation for them and experienced teachers. With the support of our donors, we will continue this project in Phnom Penh to fulfill the needs of Muslim youths who are in need of an Al-Quran Memorial classroom.

We would like to thank all the donors who are always confident in their contributions, monthly and yearly, to all our students. Please continue to do your best to benefit from Allah.